Music & Fashion: I now pronounce you husband and wife

The joys of enjoying music and fashion all at once

We’ve seen it on the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and BET Rip the Runway specials. Today, fashion plays a MAJOR role in the music industry. We are always watching what our favorite artists are wearing, buying, endorsing, and rapping/singing about. Music and fashion seems to have a co-dependent relationship when it comes to advertisements, entertainment, and brand awareness. Any new clothing line looks for the hottest music star to put in their clothes to promote and increase sales. In return, the major stars look for the hottest apparel to stay relevant, become trendsetters, and stay on fans HOT list when it comes to fashion. This marriage has done wonders for both industries and there are no signs of divorce anytime soon. (THANK GOD!)

Fashion industry professionals are no longer looking for mainly super models to wear their garments and accessories. Since music has a big influence on today’s culture, these moguls are using that to their advantage and capitalizing off of music industry professionals. This is a grand idea! Whether we want to admit it or not, music industry shows us what new, what’s hot or not, and how we can look like that too. Hearing these big labels in songs and watching them strut back in forth on our TV screens gives us ideas to upgrade our wardrobe choices.

The music industry is constantly looking for ways to reach us. The fashion route has allowed artists to gain more money, brand attention, and opportunities to expand their talents. Various artists are now going into “clothing line development” route, although some are more popular than others. Wearing the best and biggest label on red carpets, tours, and various appearances give them positive press, more fans, and exposure to big businesses that may want to use them in their next major fashion campaign. These artists are taking advantage of where the fashion world can take them.

Fashion and music in the same room equals pure pleasure. You get to see what’s new in the fashion industry along with what’s new in the music industry. Your favorite artists performing while your favorite clothing brand is showing off down the runway, there’s nothing like it. This marriage is a match made in heaven. Let’s hope that this continues on and grows in the mainstream world!

Tell us about your favorite fashion and music collaboration.

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