Feb ’15 BRASH! Artist Spotlight Pt I – DJ YRS Jerzy

DjYrs_photo2For the month of Feb, BRASH! is keeping the quality momentum going with this upcoming entertainment & music mogul DJ YRS Jerzy (pronounced (Dee-Jay) “Why” – “Are” – “Es” Jersey). He took some time to give BRASH! the info on what inspires him, his take on independent labels, and more. Any indie artist who reads this exclusive interview should be inspired to keep going! Check it out!

B!: How long have you been pursuing music?

DJ YRS Jerzy: I have been building and working seriously for about 4 years. I knew I could really take this thing to the next level when people I didn’t even know started talking about me online saying I got next and things like that. I decided to stop playing games and really take things to the next level and take over.

B!: What was a big risk you’ve taken to pursue music?

DJ YRS Jerzy: I always take risks with everything I do; you won’t make it in this game if you don’t take risks. I did a lot to get to where I’m headed and I don’t regret anything I did.

B!: Where do you go OR What do you do to get inspired to create new music?

DJ YRS Jerzy: I work with a lot of talented artists that are always creating so it isn’t really hard to do and come up with new material. What me and the artists I work with do is push each other to work harder because if you don’t grind you have to go. I can’t be around anyone that just sits around all day I like to make moves and make things happen. I always find new artists that inspire me to work harder and be better.

B!: What do you want your fans/potential listeners to get out of your music?

DJ YRS Jerzy: I want everyone to see my vision; a lot of people are seeing now what I was trying to build a couple years ago. Now that everything is about to turn up I just feel like it will be dope to meet with the people face to face that are in tuned to my movement. If you are a supporter of me I will always support you and vice versa.

B!: With some live performances under your belt, when and where was your fav live performance and why?

DJ YRS Jerzy: My favorite place to perform is where ever the hypest crowd is at i will be performing with my artist Chox-Mak march 20 for sxsw with smoke DZA. There are a lot of shows in the works i just have to keep working my greatest experience is yet to come.


B!: Why do you think more artists are going the “independent” route these days?

DJ YRS Jerzy: I think people are so fed up with the music that labels decide to push and also more artists are actually learning about the business side of the game. I right now am independent making everything happen on my own and with help from a couple people I decided to add to my camp. If everyone is working at the same speed and knows what they are doing then there is really no need for a major label. But sometimes being independent can only take you so far if you want that real global exposure I would say major would be a good route. It all depends on what the major labels want to do with your music.

B!: What’s next for you?

DJ YRS Jerzy: I will be doing shows all across the country soon and will be dropping a lot more music with NephLon Don and Chox-Mak. You just need to follow me via social media and watch what’s next to come. I will have a lot happening this year that I am excited about and ready to announce. Like I said just stay tuned we got a lot coming up.

B!: Are there any other areas within the entertainment industry where you see yourself working in the future?

DJ YRS Jerzy: I like the entertainment industry and I am always looking to branch out and have other business ventures so we will see. First I am going to focus on the music which is the key to everything I am working on and will build in the future. I know great things are in store and I will not stop until I make it to the top.

B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?

DJ YRS Jerzy: You can find me everywhere Itunes,Xbox music,shazam,Playstation netoworks,amazon MP#,spotify,soundcloud,audio mack and many more. There is a lot of music out there just search “DJ YRS Jerzy” any where and i’m sure you will find me.


Be sure to follow DJ YRS Jerzy:
Facebook: DJ YRS Jerzy
Instagram: @Iamdjyrsjerzy
Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/djyrsjerzy
Youtube: Youtube.com/YrsJerzy


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