Team work makes the dream work

Pairing your musical talents with other indie artists

Do you believe in the power of a group effort in music? When I listen to some of my favorite songs I find that many of them are collaborations. Also, some of the best collaborations are from artists who are from two different genres. The power of music can bring together various music lovers from all different races, backgrounds, etc. Have you thought about collaborating on your next hit? If so, who would it be?

With any music project you want it to be the next big hit that will get your career to the next level. Start thinking about some of your favorite artists within your music genre and even in others. A lot of hip hop/pop collaborations have been major hits in the music industry and has changed the way fans receive music; uniting them. Collaborations can open you up to new connections, fans, and opportunities to be heard. Many artists have had a great jump start to their career just by collaborating with the right artist, on the right song.

Get started!

Make sure you’re realistic when looking to collaborate with another artist. Many indie artists who aren’t mainstream and do not have the right connections will find it hard to pair up with popular mainstream artists. However, DO work your connections. See if anyone on your team, “knows someone that knows someone” who could help you out. Ensure that they are following up properly without badgering the other artist and their team. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a response back right away. Reach out to various artists to increase your chances of getting a valid response.

Take the initiative

Start on a song and send out the word that you’re looking for someone to work with on that song. A lot of artists hear songs and are quick to “jump on the beat”. Take the chance.

Give it your all

When you finally get the “OK”, don’t get comfortable. Make sure that you’re giving 100% to the project. You don’t want the other artist to overshadow you because you didn’t deliver. You want it to be an equal effort in making the song a great hit!

Musical collaborations are a delight to fans. They live for it. Give them what they want. Make great music with other artists. There is enough beefing in the music industry, so be that artist that steps out and work with another artist. Music is supposed to bring people together, fill souls, and speak to the audience. Don’t be afraid to crossover and step out of your norm to increase your brand.



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