Let’s Start Over

Getting back to the drawing board

BRASHofficial_logoMany successful artists have been faced with the dreadful decision in to start over from scratch or as many say “getting back to the drawing board”. In most cases, this is a great thing because they end up in a better position than before. It takes much time off, pep talks, meeting with the right people, and hard work to pick yourself back up again and keep moving. In our last blog “Now What?!?!” we highlighted on what you can do after you’ve had an unsuccessful break in your career. Now, its time to speak on what to do when you’ve hit rock bottom, your team has decreased, the money is slim, and/or you’re stuck between giving up or trying at it again.

Just when your music career train gets going life throws in a curve ball and the train derails. You cant run away from it, it’s inevitable. As an indie artist with minimal resources, at the moment, may need to resort back to other ways to gain funding for music and personal expenses. Its hard to stay focus working a job that you have no passion for in order to live. BUT you MUST do what you have to do.

Go back to work. There is nothing with working on a job that you’re not passionate about to help you to finance your career. In the end, this is just another inspiration piece of your musical journey.

Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether its money, advice, or resources. You’ll never know how many people are out there who strongly believe in you are willing to help you.

Keep working. Stay writing and thinking of ways to improve your music and your brand. Make a jot list of ideas that you want to work on as soon as your resources are back to where you need them to be. This way, you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Keep your previous work in rotation. Keep reminding your fans, the media , and even yourself, of what you have accomplished and let them know that you’re working hard to put out new things soon. Stay fresh on their minds and remind them of why you’re in the music business in the first place.

Focus sometime on helping others. Its very possible to get inspiration from others by helping others. You never know the type of connections, good vibes, and opportunities that may come your way by lending a hand in helping someone else’s dreams come true. Don’t get too bogged down with another project to where you don’t have time to focus on your own. Find a good balance. This will also help take away the stress of your own current situation.

There’s nothing wrong with starting over. Many success stories have this in their chapters in some form or another. Taking a step back can get you to greater places than you could ever imagine.



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