April ’15 BRASH! Artist Spotlight: Exclusive Interview w/ Danielle Lyndsay

BRASH! is bringing in April’s Artist Spotlight feature with R&B artist, Danielle Lyndsay, destined to reach her dreams no matter what. This DC native is showing fellow dreamers the GREAT things that can happen when you follow your dream! Check out her exclusive interview below:


BRASH!: What inspired you to start singing?

Danielle Lyndsay: I’ve always felt like I need to sing. The first memory I have of performing is sitting on top of my bedroom desk and pretending I was the Little Mermaid singing “Part of Your World”. To me that was normal, it still is. My dad is a singer. My mom has a beautiful voice. Singing is something I felt like I had to do. In terms of taking it more professionally, in this life, there is nothing else for me to do but make music. It’s a way of communication for me. It fuels every emotion I have, drives every dance step I create. It tells my story. I know there is someone out there experiencing some of the same struggles & highs I’ve been through & the music I make is all about letting people know they’re not alone, hoping they can relate to the music I make.

BRASH!: We’re really big on risk takers here at BRASH!, and you dropped everything and moved to NY to pursue a dream. Tell us a little bit about that.

Danielle Lyndsay: I was in my second semester of my Freshman year in college and I just wasn’t happy. I wasn’t in school for me. I wasn’t studying dance like had dreamed of doing for so long. I made the decision that I was going to leave school, move to NY, and try my hand on the big stage. I was accepted into the Broadway Dance Center Internship Program and I trained & worked my ass off to better myself. I made great connections and performed with some great people. I proved to myself and my parents that I could handle the lifestyle of a starving artist. It was very risky and very impulsive, but that’s the way I do a majority of things in my life, and it paid off.

BRASH!: Who do you look up to in the music industry?

Danielle Lyndsay: In terms of business Jay-Z & Diddy are two people that I watched growing up that completely changed the music game. They went from the stage to the board rooms and I admire that so much. Their focus and determination to be successful is enviable. In terms of performance, I will always look up to Whitney Houston. Her stage presence was incomparable. Janet Jackson is another performer who I idolize. Watching her and her dancers are what actually inspired me to be a choreographer at a young age.


Click here to view Danielle Lyndsay’s video for “Screaming Out Loud”

BRASH!: What are we to expect from, “From the Ashes” EP?

Danielle Lyndsay: “From the Ashes” is the first installment of what I like to call “The Phoenix Phase”. The music was inspired by my experience of falling hard out of love and my rebirth into a stronger woman. The music is edgier and more vulnerable from my first project “the genesis EP”. I had more control over the music I made and a clearer direction of where I was taking it, so it will be a deeper look into who Danielle Lyndsay really is.

BRASH!: What is your ultimate goal in your music career?

Danielle Lyndsay: To take over! I have so much to offer and prove as a woman in this game. I’m handling all my business as well as writing my own music, arranging my songs, singing, dancing, acting. I can do it all. I want to be known not only as a great artist but a game changer and mogul.

BRASH!: When you’re not singing, what do you do in your free time?

Danielle Lyndsay: If I’m not singing, I’m dancing, teaching dance, writing my book, typing emails; I don’t think I’m not ever doing something creative or focused towards my performing. If I do find free time I love to catch up on a few TV shows I’m currently obsessed with. I adore old Hollywood movies, especially ones in black and white. I’m quite a normal girl otherwise. I like to shop, just chill with friends and family.

BRASH!: What advice would you give to the next aspiring singer/dancer thinking about taking a risk to pursue a dream?

Danielle Lyndsay: Take it! Time is of the essence. Don’t listen to the haters. So many things to pass on. Had I known the tricks of the trade and had the confidence I have now back when I first knew this was what I wanted, I’d already be a Grammy, Tony, & Oscar Winner. I think I let fear get the best of me. I don’t regret it at all. I think everything in life happens when it’s supposed to and when we can handle it. But I sure wish I took even bigger risks.

Don’t stop grinding. Success will never be handed to you. It’s something you have to lose sleep for. And to stay focused. Don’t let you goal slip away from you. Inspire. Dream. Believe.

BRASH!: What do you want fans/listeners to get from listening to your music?

Danielle Lyndsay: My music is so varied it’s hard to pick just one thing I want. I do know that I want my fans to let go; to listen to my music and feel free to relate to my heartbreak, vulnerability, free spirit, edginess, and everything else I am. I make music for people who love music and how it makes them feel.


BRASH!:  Do you have any upcoming shows/performances?

Danielle Lyndsay: I’m currently working on upcoming performances to help promote “From the Ashes” when I release it. Make sure you keep up with me on all my social media to see when the next show will be.

BRASH!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?

Danielle Lyndsay: All my music is currently on my SoundCloud which you can find on soundcloud.com/daniellelyndsay and also on YouTube YouTube.com/daniellelyndsay.

Connect with Danielle Lyndsay on Social Media!
Twitter: @D_Lyndsay
Facebook: www.facebook.com/daniellelyndsay89
Instagram: @_DaniDiva_
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/daniellelyndsay
Youtube: https://youtu.be/_xE_89aBExU


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