Internet Fame

Finding the best way to market yourself on the internet vs. conforming for attention


Since social media has taken over, many artists, and even non-artists, have “made it big” in the entertainment world. The internet has opened up many doors for people to show off a talent, for follows, views, likes, and shares; in hopes to get discovered by the right person(s). With the lack of genuine respect for the art of good music, in many cases, it’s hard for TRUE artists to use this as a way to help them gain the necessary attention. Consumers are constantly looking for the next internet sensation to entertain them. With some of these sensations, it leaves artists with the extra task of staying innovative and finding ways to reach their audience as well as music industry professionals.

How can a true artist compete with random internet talent who may need to just stick to their day job? The answer is simple, stay true to your art. There’s no need to compete or change your personal style to match the temporary fads. So much more to add to the list but you get the point. Indie artists are gaining a lot of attention through social media outlets versus mainstream media. The reason being, its cost effective, easy to reach out to professionals within the music industry who may be able to help, and social media feeds are like the news these days. People wake up, reach for the phone, and look at the latest Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blog stories.

In addition, online media resources are getting in on the action by setting up blogs, websites, social media accounts etc. solely dedicated to highlighting the latest in Indie Music news, indie artists, and new trends in the music industry (i. e. BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog). With a lot of patience, research, networking, and connecting with the right social media channels, you too can be featured, highlighted, promoted etc. Who cares if you’re not the next internet sensation or overnight success? Keep doing your music, keep marketing yourself, and keep research ways to build your brand.

Entrepreneurs have set up businesses to help individuals in the internet marketing world as well. However, make sure you do your research on these professionals to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Many times there are “fly by night” ideas to get rich quick and once the business model isn’t working out, they move on to the next while their clients are sitting and waiting for them to work. In addition, make sure these businesses have the proper connections. You don’t want to pay someone to do what you can do in your spare time. It is important to have that online marketing help because the maintaining an internet presence on a consistent basis can be time consuming.

Check out articles, blogs, magazines, and newsletters to assist you until you find the right fit to help you in online marketing. A good way to stay ahead of the game is to always read up on the latest trends, innovations, and resources in internet marketing.

The easiest thing to do is to have a “can’t beat then join them” attitude and go for the get famous quick road. Don’t take the easy route because you won’t have the longevity you need to build a music CAREER.


One thought on “Internet Fame

  1. As a musician AND marketing agent, I understand both the difficulties of reaching masses of people as well as the benefits of marketing technology. I think the key is having consistent yet rich communication with your listeners on all mediums– social media, email, and even text messaging. Check out this blog to learn about email and mobile marketing and how you can leverage the many communication tools some companies have to offer:


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