May BRASH! Artist Spotlight Pt II – Jai Love

BRASH! is keeping the May momentum going with a strong, confident, and talented artist. Jai Love gives an open and honest interview on her take on the music industry as well as insight on her music journey and giving back. Check out the exclusive interview below!!


B!: How long have you been pursuing music?
Jai Love: I have been singing since I was 5 years old. I have been recording music since I was 15 or 16 years old.

B!: What were some of the challenges you’ve overcome in your musical journey?
Jai Love: Some of my challenges I have overcome is gaining confidence. Being a woman in this industry is very hard because it is all about fitting in and possibly becoming someone you are not comfortable with. A woman can easily lose herself and transform into a person she probably told herself she’d never become. I fell in love with who I am and my personality was already perfect. I added a smile and now they love me for who I am. I always say I’m selling my voice not my body and that’s what I’m sticking to.

B!: Even though female artists are taking over the charts, do you feel that it’s an even playing field compared to men in the music industry?
Jai Love: In some cases it is. My honesty may be a little harsh but today I see a bunch of women in the industry. I have never seen so many men wearing nail polish, skirts, etc. I am not sure what happened after Pac and Biggie died but a lot has changed since then. The music is very different and the men are more feminine. I hope I did not offend anyone but it is just what I am seeing now lol.

B!: Tell us a little bit about your work with HSV Revolution.
Jai Love: I looooooove working with my HSV Revolution family. We created this organization after we all noticed a stream of young adults’ lives taken too soon in our city. That is when we thought it was time for a change and began having meetings on what we could do to distract them from the trend. There are not any assigned titles within the organization. We all come together as a community and see what we could do to turn the negatives into positives. It is about coming together and showing others how unity is important while providing a visual of what it looks like. Shout out to Jurian Isabelle for orchestrating the whole thing. Each summer and major holidays, we plan an event for the community. Our biggest target is the youth. We mainly plan around our babies because they are our community. What we teach them today will carry them into their future.

B!:  What was the inspiration behind your debut EP L.O.V.E.(Letters of Various Emotions)?
Jai Love: My inspiration comes from Love, Pain, Heartbreaks, and Tears. Everything we go through, feel, experience, or overcome in a relationship or with life period. My EP is really just my journal sung to a beat. Its real life situations I been and still going through.

Jai Love EP OFFICIAL Cover
B!: Who do you see yourself collaborating with in the future?
Jai Love: I use to know that answer but right now it’s so many talented artists out now that I’m not sure anymore. Let us see, Nicki Minaj is someone I would like to work with. J. Cole & Chris Brown. I would like to write a song with Sevyn Streeter and would to write a song for K. Michelle. I think that is it.

B!: What has been the highlight of your music career thus far?
Jai Love: My highlight as of today is dropping my EP. I been teasing my fans way too long so when i finally dropped a project and was a sense of relief and they actually like it lol. Reading the reviews is very emotional at times. I say to myself all the time, “I did it. Thank you lord. This is only the beginning.”

B!: What do you want your fans/listeners/media to get out of your music?
Jai Love: I want everyone to understand my story and with understanding, people will be able to do what I did. Walk away from a relationship that is not good for them. Be okay with being lonely wondering where love is in their life. To feel like they can do anything they put they mind too. However, most of all I want them to follow their dreams. If I can do it then I am, sure anyone can. All it takes is a little confidence, dedication, and determination.

B!: What’s next for you?
Jai Love: Working on the album for #LOVE (Letters of Various Emotions). I did set it to release in August but I think I am going to push it back to a later date. I want my album to be a hit and perfect. Which mean I have a little more growing to do as a person so I can really have something to write.
Jai Love Single
B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?
Jai Love: My single #Love is on iTunes, Amazon, Amazon Japan, Amazon Italy, Google Playstore etc. My EP #Love (Letters of Various Emotions) can be downloaded at Name your own price.

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