Go Get It!

Researching ways to get you and your music in the media
BRASH_Logo4It’s a great thing to have a social media presence to have fans and other indie music lovers to take a listen to your music. However, it is VERY important to capture and keep the attention of the media. Media outlets will allow you to grow your brand and give you a wide range of exposure to various audiences. The more media platforms that take notice of you, the greater the exposure, the greater the chance to expand your audience. In order to successfully do this, you MUST do your homework.

Research. This “homework” entails doing your research. Understand which media outlets cater to indie artists and your particular genre. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great places to start in finding music media outlets. Even a google search can help you find magazines, blogs, and other music forums that highlight the Independent and Underground music scene. You can’t expect for these platforms to jump into your lap. You MUST take that step and find out who they are.

Engage. Once you’ve found these media sources, take some time to read them. Read about the types of stories and interviews they are currently doing. What type of artists are being featured and the type of content is being published by them consistently. You just may learn a few things yourself about how you can be a better artist as well as how your brand can be better. You can’t approach these outlets not knowing anything about them or their stories.

Also, engage with them on social media. If they tweet out a question, tweet back and give your input. Be honest but be polite. Don’t give off any negative vibes as you’d like to continue a fruitful, working relationship with these media outlets. Participate in their discussions whenever you can to show that you’re following them and you appreciate what they are doing for indie music.

Reach out. Don’t be afraid to either reach out or have a person on your team to reach out to these media platforms. They have a “Contact Us” page for a reason. Use it! Let them know that you’ve been following their blog/magazine/etc. and how you’d like to be featured, interviewed or have your music reviewed by one of their music contributors. Make sure you are as professional as possible. Give a brief description about yourself, project, and even include a media kit if you have one. In addition, send over video/music links to show them that you are the real deal.  Many blogs and magazines are constantly searching for artists to feature, and/or  interview for their content purposes. Take that chance. You have nothing to lose. The more you reach out, the more chances you’ll get a positive response.

A lot of times in the music industry you can’t sit and wait on opportunities. You have to go out, find them, and grab them whenever there’s an opportunity. Getting good press falls along the lines of that as well. Network, stay in contact, and support. You can’t go wrong doing these things. You may not receive the responses you want, or at all, right away but keep trying, keep researching, keep reaching out.

Now go get you some press!


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