Music and Fashion – Pt Deux

Indie Artists & Fashion brands getting together to create magic!

BRASH_Logo4In our last blog about Music & Fashion, we highlighted how these two elements can come together to make a powerful force in the entertainment and fashion industries. You can take that on and allow yourself as an indie artist to be a part of that force. Today, music artists are setting the latest fashion trends. Consumers are being inspired by what today’s hottest artists are wearing on red carpets, interviews, appearances, concerts, and even on their social media during random outings. Some wardrobe choices are only meant for the stage however, fans are constantly wondering, “What are they wearing? How can I get it?” This blog can go for up & coming fashion moguls as well. You want your clothes to have more exposure in your industry, team up with a great artist to help build that brand. Gain their fans as future customers.

Indie Artists
Knowing who to team up with to get you the best looks is very important in your image/branding activities. Although you don’t want to change your entire personal style, working with a new/fresh fashion designer can help you enhance your look along with gaining more exposure. You management team can help you make those connections and negotiate the best deal that benefits you as an artist as well as the designer. If you don’t have a management team, don’t be afraid to make those connections yourself. Do your research:

  • Is this designer legit?
  • Does their garments match/compliment your personal style & current image?
  • Who all have they worked with in the past? (If possible check references)
  • What avenues is this fashion brand taking to promote their clothing line?
  • How will working with them help you?

With these questions you need to ensure that you are bringing something to the table as well. Make sure that you are displaying your efforts in music and branding that will help persuade them to use you for their upcoming campaigns, publication features, advertising, and various promotions.

Fashion Designers/Brands
Let’s be clear, this method doesn’t and will not work for all fashion lines. However once you know your target audience and have an understanding of your overall brand, you will be able to decipher if working with an artist to be the face of your company is right for you. Once that’s settled, start thinking about Indie Artists within your area or within the regions you want to expand. It is a best practice to utilize artists who have a good following and who is serious about their brand. Look into that brand to see if their values, image, etc. matches or even compliments your clothing line.

After your due diligence is complete, look to reach out to these artists to see if they would like to wear your designs for their upcoming performances, photo shoots, appearances, etc. Even a simple Instagram posting giving you a shout out could help as well. You can set up a photo shoot yourself OR send them a gifting package including a sample of your work encouraging them to use you brand.

In addition, if funds are allotted, you can have an artist to become the face of your brand. Indie Artists are always (or should be) looking for ways to get their face out to the masses. A clothing line endorsement deal would be a great way to connect with their fans in the fashion world.

Music & Fashion working together can create huge opportunities for both industries involved. If teamed up with the right brand/artist, this type of collaboration can help set trends and promote great music!


2 thoughts on “Music and Fashion – Pt Deux

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