June ’15 BRASH! Artist Spotlight Pt I – Sharon Estee

BRASH! is kicking off the summer with singer/instrumentalist Sharon Estee. What started out as a YouTube hobby has turned into something grand for this talented artist. She has already a MAJOR following and there’s so much more to come from this songstress. Sharon took some time to give us an exclusive on her beginnings and what motivates her to keep going throughout her musical journey. Check it out!


B!: What inspired you to start pursuing music?
Sharon Estee: I’ve always been surrounded by music. At 5 years old, I started learning piano and continued expanding my musical knowledge learning violin, flute, guitar, ukulele, and other instruments. In high school I started singing on YouTube for fun and the more I created, the more I fell in love with the art. It’s kind of my escape from reality.

B!: Who are, if any, the influential people in your life who has supported/helped you in your music career?
Sharon Estee: My friends and fans have really helped me throughout the process. It’s really easy to lose motivation when music requires so much out of you – it’s such a vulnerable process and you have to constantly create new material. But when my friends come out to support me in my videos or performances or I come across inspiring comments by my fans it makes me remember why I love it and why it’s worth it.

B!: One of my favorite songs is “Naughty”, how did that concept come about?
Sharon Estee: I wrote “Naughty” with Rosendale, and we basically wanted to make a dance song about having fun without inhibitions or caring what others think.

B!: Tell us about your current EP “Love Me”.
Sharon Estee:
Well the EP has been one huge roller coaster ride. I wrote the songs back in college, released it around my graduation, then re-mastered it and re-released it a few months ago in February. Now we’re putting out music videos for the EP so keep an eye out for them!


B!: You’ve had a major following on YouTube. What have you done to gain and grasp the attention of these fans?
Sharon Estee:
Most of my followers have come from my covers. I’ve created my own renditions of songs which (I hope) people have appreciated. Now I’m going to mainly use my time to work on my own music, and I hope my followers will continue to appreciate it.

B!: What tools, outside of YouTube, are you using to market your brand/music?
Sharon Estee:
I’ve mainly used social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to market my brand/music.  I have branded merchandise and perform occasionally, but I definitely need to do it more. As surprising as it sounds, I’m a bit shy so it takes a lot for me to break out of my shell and sing/play my music for others.

B!: Outside of music, what do you like to do unwind?
Sharon Estee:
I like to hang out with friends, rock climb, watch movies, play video games, travel, and go on spontaneous adventures.


B!: Are there any other avenues within the entertainment industry that you would like to go after?
Sharon Estee: I can’t really see myself chasing other avenues within the entertainment industry. I’m a terrible actress, and I’d be a complete embarrassment if I tried to be a comedian.  I do love dance but I don’t have the passion to actually pursue it as more than just a hobby (nor am I good enough).

B!:Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Sharon Estee: I want to have released an album and traveled, collaborating with artists across the globe. I also hope to start a business one day around an issue I care about. I’m all about living my life to its fullest potential, so I really want to experience the world and make a positive impact while I’m alive.

B!: Anything else you want your fans/media/listeners to know?
Sharon Estee:
Thanks for supporting me – it means a lot. Also, always remember to live, love, and inspire!

B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?
Sharon Estee: You can listen to my music on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube.

Sharon Estee's latest single "Gone Too Far"

Sharon Estee’s latest single “Gone Too Far”

Follow Sharon Estee’s journey on social media!!!

Twitter: twitter.com/SharonEstee
Facebook: facebook.com/SharonEstee
Instagram: instagram.com/SharonEstee
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/SharonEstee
Youtube: youtube.com/SharonEstee

Official Website


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