June ’15 BRASH! Artist Spotlight Pt II – Asia Nicole

BRASH! is continuing the summer Artist Spotlight series with a young, vibrant, dreamer Asia Nicole. This Florida native, now in Atlanta, GA has already received awards and is currently working hard to make her mark in the music industry. Check out the exclusive interview with this beautiful singer!


B!: Tell us about your start in the music industry.
Asia Nicole: My Start in the Music industry started  after I relocated to Atlanta Someone heard me singing at the hair salon under the dryer  she called a producer that she knew and had me to sing for him the next week I went into the studio and meet with him from there I recorded my 1st single

B!: When did you decide to make that move from Yulee, FL to Atlanta, GA?
Asia Nicole: My Move to Atlanta wasn’t Music related My Dad’s Job relocated him to Atlanta.

B!: Who are the individuals in your life that have helped you along the way in your musical journey?
Asia Nicole: My Parents and My Grandparents

B!: What awards/achievements have you earned thus far?
Asia Nicole: Atlanta’s Hottest Future Superstar under 18 award and Clean music Movement Award  Best Pop Artist of the Year Virginia

B!: Describe how you felt winning these awards.
Asia Nicole: I felt really good winning  it was proof to myself that I really worked hard, I had what it takes and I’m good at it.

B!: What tools are you using to market your brand?
Asia Nicole: My Publicist gets my Brand out and Besides Social Media My Manager hires Marketing Companies and companies to send out email blast we also take advantage of radio promotions and run campaigns.


B!: What kind of life experiences do you enjoy singing about?
Asia Nicole: I enjoying singing about following your dreams no matter what anyone says I also like to sing about teenage love well a crush

B!: What is the next music project that you are currently working on?
Asia Nicole: I’m working on my EP  with Gamut  Music Group  producer DEJEANIUS I  haven’t titled my project yet, but I will say I have two titles that I’m really loving the direction/ sound you will hear on this project will be more  of a modern R&B influence sound with a pop touch.

B!: What performance has been your favorite so far?
Asia Nicole: My Favorite performance so far is when I performed at the Global Winter Wonderland it was a huge culturally diverse crowd and they danced with me it was fun they enjoyed my performance.

B!: Is there anything else that you would like the world to know about Asia Nicole?
Asia Nicole: I would like the world to know that I’m a very caring person and I try to respond back to my fans to let them know I really do care and I appreciate their support.

B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?
Asia Nicole: You can listen to my music on soundcloud. My Soundcloud is Asia Nicole Powell.  You can purchase my Music on iTunes and amazon. AsiaN

Official Website for Asia Nicole

Follow Asia Nicole’s journey on social media!

Twitter: @soofficialasia
Facebook:  Asia Nicole Powell
Instagram: _asiapowell
Soundcloud: Asia Nicole Powell
Youtube: AsiaOfficialVEVO


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