Identity Crisis

Knowing and understanding your brand

Very often, true artists will say, don’t put them in a box, or their music is made to reach all genres. And that’s a wonderful thing, however in the marketing world, its important to have an idea of who you’re going to market your brand to and how. This doesn’t necessarily mean to throw yourself into a specific box and never come out. Understanding your brand will aid you in knowing where to place your music in radio, TV, publications, and within areas where you can reach your fans, potential listeners, and professionals within the music industry. There are key areas to focus on when assessing where you are brand wise and how to get where you desire to be.

What is your brand’s mission?
In any business, you must have a mission and/or a vision. You cant start something and then try to figure out what you stand for along the way. The original plan may alter due to growth, new experiences, etc. but you can always go back to that core mission for your brand’s foundation. Understand what your brand values. Do you make music for fun? Political messages? To connect with a certain group of fans? Or even all of the above?

Ask yourself these questions…What type of music do I want to give my listeners? How am I identifying with them? What do I want them to feel? What do I want them to understand about my journey in music? These questions can help you start in understanding your market and how you can market to them. Once your project is complete, have your team to brainstorm and come up with how your project can fit into the right sector for marketing.

Are you be able to explain your brand to others?
This sounds silly, however many artists takes the notes of their managers, other artists, and outside influences on what their brand should consist of. This results in the artist not fully understanding their overall brand. When the time comes to talk about their music in interviews, social media, and performances, the artist is at a lost b/c they don’t know. (This also goes back to the clichéd saying of “Staying true to yourself”.) If you are true to your own identity and not adopting anyone else’s, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. It occurs so often in today’s music where new artists come out with the same style, music, and brand as a mainstream artist that is hitting the charts. The problem is that fans will see right through this and will not take the music/brand a serious b/c its just carbon copy.

Knowing yourself in music is essential in defining and executing your brand. Music is art, however when it comes to the business side…branding is EVERYTHING.  Branding will help you to reach higher levels to do more in the music industry. Your brand is what people see in the marketing world. Your music will always reach your listeners to help you to connect with every fan. Understand your message, your brand, and what you’re trying to portray. This will also help marketers know how to market you in the most effective way.

Do you know your brand?

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