Aug ’15 BRASH! Artist Spotlight – Ryan Lofty

BRASH! is bringing an artist with an AMAZING journey for the August Artist Spotlight feature. Ryan Lofty gave an exclusive with BRASH! giving us insight on his humble beginnings, his time with Disney, dealing w/ rejection & how that shaped him into the great artist/businessman he is today! Check out his interview w/ us below:


B!: How did you get started in the music business?
Ryan: When I was 19 I was offered an internship at a recording studio in Chicago. After a week of vacuuming & running coffee, the owner gave me a steady job as an assistant engineer and taught me the ins and outs of the music business. After working there for 3 years on tons of different records, I made the move from Chicago to LA to further pursue a career in music.

B!: You worked for a major brand, Disney, what prompted you to leave this company to pursue a contract in India?
While I loved working for Disney, I had the itch to create my own music full time with no restrictions or boundaries. I had been chatting with a friend of mine about my frustrations & he offered to bring me out to India to make a record of original pop songs. I jumped on the opportunity & put in my “2 weeks” immediately.

B!: What inspired you to keep going after you came back to the US without job security?
Ryan: That’s a good question. It was rough for a while. I would say that it was a series of events that kept giving me hope that I had a career in music. A friend of mine gave me the opportunity to produce music for an advertising spot a few months after being back in the US, which led to a gig playing trumpet on Watsky’s latest album, which led to me joining indie band Bestfriends. The serendipity of it all was very inspiring & helped me keep moving from one project to the next. There have definitely been quite a few moments where I’ve felt like giving up on music entirely. That’s usually right when the phone rings…


B!: Your music has been used for various household brands such as Mountain Dew, LA Kiss etc., which one has been your favorite?Ryan: Working with Bill Nye the Science Guy was pretty awesome!

B!: How did you team up with your current label Future Vega?
After quite a few rejection letters from record labels I decided that starting my own label/music company was the best solution, so I started FV earlier this year with my partner Courtney. In less than a year we’ve structured an awesome company, built a dedicated studio & have developed some amazing relationships with ad agencies, music supervisors, and artists alike. Ironically, now I’m getting hit up by all of the labels that weren’t interested in talking to me before.

B!: What type of music do you like to write/produce?
In terms of my artist music, I have been on a tropical house kick this summer. I love to produce all genres though. Doing music for advertising/film/TV has kept me on my toes. One day I am producing hip-hop to sell soda, the next a heavy metal rock track for an action sequence in a TV show.

B!: What do you use as inspiration during your musical creative process?
Ryan: I’d say one of my main inspirations at the moment is the booming arts scene in downtown Las Vegas – it’s such a vibrant & amazing community down here. I also get very inspired by traveling & nature. Love a great view!


B!: What advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to take a big risk to further their music career?
Ryan: Never look back. Sometimes you make the right decisions; sometimes you make the wrong ones. What is certain is that you only have one life and you’re not going to get a redo. Take chances & work your ass off every single day!

B!: What’s next for you?
Quite a bit! I have another tropical house single coming out later this month featuring my long-time song-writing partner Bonx. I’m also super excited to launch my next project Tourists from the Future this September. I wrote most of the TFTF album at the end of last year & I can’t wait to launch it this fall; it’s a deeper sounding electronic/indie record that’s perfect for the colder seasons. It’s the kind of album where you can close your eyes and spend hours exploring space, versus the tropical collection which I created to celebrate summer with my friends.

In addition to my artist music, I’m continuously building the commercial business & working with clients from different industries all over the world. Our specialty is quick-turnaround custom compositions but we also have a large library of music for licensing.

You can see what we’re up to with the different projects anytime here:

Ryan Lofty
– Tourists from the Future
– Future Vega

B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?
Ryan: All my releases this year will be free download. I want them out in the universe for people to enjoy. Surprisingly people are still purchasing the tracks on iTunes, so if you feel like sending a 99c tip you can do that too. Later in the year we will have bonus tracks for people who purchase – can’t wait for you to see all that we have in store!

Download on Soundcloud
– Stream on Spotify
– Purchase on iTunes


Photography by: Ashley Marie Myers

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