Sept ’15 BRASH! Artist Spotlight Pt I – DJ Seip

DJ1BRASH! has gone international once again to bring you an super talented artist, DJ Seip.  Currently residing in Berlin, Germany, this artist gave us a great exclusive on his beginnings as a visual artist which transferred into a successful music journey! Check out his interview below:

B!: What inspired you to start pursuing music?
DJ Seip: Music is my closest companion since childhood. Every time my mother drove me around, I would sing along to the radio in her car and even copying dance moves from artists like Usher back in the late 90’s.

At the age of 15, I had my first small DJ gigs at a Salsa bar supporting the Dance classes.  Next thing I knew, I was at a club playing my first set. I began making beats in my leisure time after school and got so interested in it, that I continued working on beats in school during recess.

B!: How does a graffiti artist turn into an amazing music artist touring places in Europe and Asia?
DJ Seip: Back when I was 13, graffiti was really hyped here in Germany, especially in public schools. My friends and I wanted to join that culture, so we created our graffiti names by taking a Brands name and writing down all the letter combinations. My Graffiti name was Seip, taken from the detergent brand “Persil”.

In Germany, graffiti and hip hop run close, almost like they are one culture. They really go hand in hand. The connection, graffiti and Hip Hop culture had, was how I switched from art for the eyes to art for the ears.

B!: What do you like to do during your downtime?
DJ Seip: Downtime is a Luxury I currently can’t afford. I spend most of my downtime working on expanding our record label “Soul Kingz Records”, but also searching for new records that I can drop in my club sessions. I do take some time to hangout with my friends or go to the Gym as well.

B!: What keeps you motivated to continue on your music journey?
DJ Seip: The realization that my work actually reaches out to people in a positive way and seeing a lot of my goals getting unexpectedly exceeded is what keeps me motivated. The fact that I have such a great team behind me also makes the journey a lot more fun.

B!: Tell us about your experience playing alongside Grandmaster Flash?
DJ Seip: It was an honor to spin records next to one of the greatest DJ legends from the past century. We had a great time and it inspired me, seeing how he controls the crowd with his music selection. Grandmaster Flash is a humble musician and person.


B!: What has been your greatest accomplishment so far in music?
DJ Seip: So far? Entering the MTV Music Charts in Germany with two of my singles at the same time. These two singles also peaked in the German Urban Charts at: #24 – DJ Seip & Devonte ft. Fortafy – Prettyboy Swagg #5 DJ Seip ft. MNSSH – Like the Fugees.

B!: During the Spring of this year you released “Prettyboy Swagg” in a collaboration with Devonte. How did you discover this artist?
DJ Seip: I discovered Devonte beginning 2013 via Twitter. I was looking for an artist to jump on a few of my beats. We connected right away and now we are a not only really close friends and musicians that collaborate, but business partners at Soul Kingz Records.

B!: How did Soul Kingz Records come about?
DJ Seip: Originally a former friend of mine and I wanted to create our own Label to manage our careers, but we split up. That didn’t stop me from pursuing that move of creating a label. Around the same time Devonte was eager to establish his own business, which is why I got him on board. When we started creating the first outline of the labels identity, I remembered that MNSSH had a similar ambition. We proposed the idea to MNSSH and he fell in love with it. That’s how Soul Kingz Records became a record label run by artists for artists.

B!: What was the inspiration for your latest single Like the Fugees?
DJ Seip: It’s a funny story how the song got created. MNSSH sent me this ridiculous voice message with a melody he hummed in. At first I wondered what to do with it but he asked me to turn that melody into a beat. So I thought OK, not the best but ill just give him something to play with. After sending him the beat, he came up with the idea of referring to one of our favorite songs from the Fugees “Killing me Softly”. Back at school we used to love listening to that song together on the radio. He just turned the key phrase into a hook and it smashed.

B!: Where would you like to see yourself in five years?
DJ Seip: Running a successful business with Soul Kingz Records. My goal is to establish the record label worldwide and to help young and serious artists get into a career of music.

B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?
DJ Seip:

My music is available in all digital stores.

dj3Music Marketing Tip from DJ Seip:

“All I can say to striving new artists is to not hold back on investing money for top quality productions and marketing companies. The chance of being found by a Major Label or going Viral with one of your songs is like trying to become a Formula One Racer.”

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One thought on “Sept ’15 BRASH! Artist Spotlight Pt I – DJ Seip

  1. I guess I was his first fan. I absolutely sold on his enthusiasm and his power. I know that’ a hard and stony way, but music is his greatest love.
    Go ahead you’ll be successful 👍👍👍


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