Oct ’15 BRASH! Artist Spotlight Pt I – Jennie Tran

BRASH! Blog is welcoming the month of October with a beautiful songbird from Stockholm, Jennie Tran. This artist exudes inspiration and is showing the music industry that she’s here to stay! Check out her exclusive with BRASH! below:

B!: How was it growing up in Sweden?
Jennie Tran: Very calm and peaceful! Haha I was born on the country side so there wasn’t a lot of things to do. It had its charm but there was no opportunity for me as an artist. I’m so glad that I moved to Stockholm City when I was 15! Stockholm was definitely a better place for me.

B!: Who were your fav artist(s) you listened to growing up?
Jennie Tran: I grew up listening to a lot of pop before I started listening to more RnB and Soul. I would say that Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Brandy, Usher and Marvin Gaye were my favorites.

B!: How were you inspired to start a career in music?
Jennie Tran: It has never been a doubt that I loved singing and dancing. But it all started out after a performance I did at a Music TV show when I was 9 years old. I knew ever since that becoming an artist was my dream. Also, back then when MTV was showing music videos, concerts, and behind the scenes of an artist work – those shows inspired me to want my own career even more.

B!: What made you pack up and move all the way to LA to pursue your dreams?Jennie Tran: The thought of knowing that I haven’t fulfilled my dream yet! I always wanted to go to the US to pursue my music but never dared to take the step. At one point I started to lose the spark and took a break from music. Then one night Bruno Mars had a show in Stockholm and that’s when it happened. His show was so amazing and so full of energy that it had me thinking “What am I doing? I should be doing what he’s doing! Ok, I’m leaving” And BAM, I was in Los Angeles.

B!: What inspired the song “Storyteller”?
Jennie Tran: It was this period of time that I felt like everyone was going through a heartbreak. My friends were going through it, random people at a cafe were going through it and I’ve been through similar situations…..so when my producer and I created this beat the pen just fired up.

B!: How do you want to make your mark in the music industry?
Jennie Tran: I hope to make a mark as a hardworking inspiring artist who give shows that people will remember. I also want to connect with the audience with my creations, not only expressing through my music but also through movement.

B!: What topics do you like to write about for your music?
Jennie Tran: I write about anything that comes through my mind really. It can be something I’m going through or simply something I hear or read about. That’s the magic about the creative part. When it hits you it just flows!

B!: Describe your experience performing at The House of Blues.
Jennie Tran: It was such an incredible experience! I remember like it was just yesterday I had just been in LA for 6 months and I got to perform with a wonderful band along with 2 dancers. I felt so alive on stage and it was an accomplishment to be able to perform for the first time in LA at a legendary venue like the House of Blues.

B!: What do you normally do to prepare for a performance?
Jennie Tran: Practice practice! Staying positive and get a good sleep the night before. Oh, and treat yourself with some good food!

B!: What motivates you to keep going when things get rough in your musical journey?
Jennie Tran: My Passion for music. Even when the road gets tough, my passion somehow always seem to fight through and remind me of why I’m doing it and how far I’ve pushed. Then also my family and friends that always support and encourage me. They add that extra fuel to keep me going!

B!: Tell us about your upcoming projects/performances.
Jennie Tran: At the moment I’m back in Stockholm after 4 years in LA. My song “Storyteller” just recently got played on the radio and that is pretty crazy! I am working on new music so stay tuned! I’m not done yet!

B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?
Jennie Tran: You can find my music at online music retailer such as Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify. You can also listen to the songs on SoundCloud and on my website.


Click to watch the official video for “Storyteller” by Jennie Tran

Social Links
Twitter – @JesterJenna
Facebook – Jennie Tran Music
Instagram – JesterJenna
YouTube – Jennie Tran
Website – www.JennieTran.com

Photography by: Jeffero Chan


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