October BRASH! Artist Spotlight Pt II – Porsches

BRASH! has gone to Sydney, Australia to bring you the hot electronic group Porches. This duo took on their music journey full time, leaving their comfort zones to go after their dream and become the music ‘on your sister’s iPod’! Check out their exclusive interview below: 

Porsches2B!: How did the group Porsches form?
Porsches: The name/project was a complete accident. We were just fooling around in the studio on who could write a more ridiculous song lyric. From the lyrics to our song “Horses” – “come and take a ride in one of our Porsches” – the name for both the project and the song derived.

B!: How did you guys link up with Sweat It Out Label?
Porsches: It was a combination of factors, Radio/blogs getting behind really strengthened our offering. We originally had 3 or 4 labels put offers on the table, ultimately we just relied on our gut feeling and Sweat was the best label fit for us.

B!: What impact are you looking to make within the electronic music scene?
Porsches: Ultimately our main aim is to be be on your little sisters Ipod. Just gotta knuckle down and work hard, Time will really tell….It would be great to be known for our own “Porsches “ sound in the future.

B!: Your latest release “Karate” has hit over 10,000 plays and counting. What was the inspiration behind this hot single?
Porsches: The sentiment behind Karate is around finding yourself attracted to a complete stranger and all of the mysteries/excuses/uncertainty that go along with it.


Listen to “Karate” by Porsches on SoundCloud

B!: What was the biggest risk you guys took to pursue music?
Porsches: We both now work on Porsches for the most part as a full time gig. Essentially leaving a paid income to pursue music is always risky business.

B!: Who or what has played a major role in your success and your musical journey?
Porsches: Attitude and perseverance is key. We have both been involved in several other musical projects all the way. Experience and hard work has helped!! Michael Jackson was a heavy influence for us.

B!: What do you both like to do in your spare time?
Porsches: Music used to be the thing we did in our spare time but is now our job. As nerdy as it sounds, We basically do more music in our spare time.

B!: What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with?
Porsches: The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, The Beatles –all for different reasons and really great in their own way.

Porches1B!: What’s next for Porsches?
Porsches: We just released two singles ‘Karate’ + ‘High’. Videoclip and remix packages will be dropping over the next few weeks. We are touring around Australia through until the end of the year. Writing new music as much as possible.

B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?Porsches: SPOTIFY/ITUNES/SOUNDCLOUD/YOUTUBE – search Porsches. Tell your friends 🙂

Ultimately our main aim is to be be on your little sisters Ipod.

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