Wolves in Suits, ladies’ newest dating survival guide, releases Wednesday February 17, 2016

February 17, 2016 – Atlanta, Ga – Vivacious author Sherrich Monsher, a Career Development and Empowerment Coach, is releasing her debut of published works, Wolves in Suits: What your momma didn’t tell you…and what your friends don’t know. Geared towards assisting women in finding ‘The One,’ this entertaining and informative self help book gives an honest inside perspective on how many men, or wolves, operate when pursuing their own agendas as they scavenge through the hearts of unsuspecting women. Although today’s women are empowered and more liberated than ever, some still have not grasped the understanding of the male species when dating. Wolves in Suits, equips women with the knowledge to develop a plan to stay afloat swimming in the dating pool.

As an accomplished professional and former serial dater, Sherrich Monsher uses real life occurrences, expertise in sociology, and lighthearted wit to tap into the real emotions and mindsets of women, while encouraging them the enrich their standards in men. Readers will obtain an explicit and unrestricted depiction of how each wolf operates, while crying in laughter at the relatable language used to describe the hard truths of how some men operate.

“After reading Wolves in Suits, I want my readers to feel smarter, strategic, and savvy. I want ladies to let the message of the book marinate so they can begin self awareness and improvement to become that in which they hope to attract.” Says Sherrich Monsher, “Time to stop living in denial and disappointment, emerge anew and prepare for your man to find you!”

Wolves in Suits will be sure to teach, entertain, and prepare women to break away from bad dating habits that have landed them down the same path of disappointment. Instead, Wolves in Suits will leave women feeling emotionally empowered and alert to the warning signs of wolves parading themselves as the perfect guy.

To purchase Wolves in Suits: What your momma didn’t tell you…and what your friends don’t now visit In addition, stay on the lookout for more promotional activities for this dating survival guide by connecting via Facebook.


About Sherrich Monsher
A third generation Caribbean American, and Atlanta, GA native, Sherrich Monsher is a published author, doctoral student, and founder of ShareTheRich, LLC.

Sherrich founded ShareTheRich, a Professional Development and Empowerment Coaching business, in 2015. This platform assists women in finding their professional joy; whether it be career advancement or entrepreneurship. Sherrich received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Masters in Public Administration from Savannah State University. Wolves In Suits is Sherrich Monsher’s first published literary work. See the latest from her at

Sherrich Monsher

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