Music & Fashion at NYFW!

Clothing line LANDEROS NEW YORK’S Fashion Presentation at New York Fashion Week!!

BRASH! Magazine had the opportunity to watch first hand how music & fashion collides to create a GREAT show. LANDEROS NEW YORK by Andre Landeros provided a unique, innovative, and fashion forward presentation of his 2016 Fall Collection “STRANGE NEW _ORK” during NYFW. In addition, he added a music element by having a live performance by singer/songwriter/producer out of New York, Harrison Scott with his HOT new single “BloodSport”. As Harrison took the stage, the crowd was infused with an awesome tune and a memorable collection of signature garments. And we can’t forget about the beautiful/handsome, professional models who marketed the pieces so well!

Never have we seen this type of up close and personal fashion viewing collaborating with a powerful “in your face” song to compliment the presentation. This definitely made traveling through the NYC cold weather worth while!

BRASH! Magazine would like to congratulate both LANDEROS NEW YORK (Andre Landeros) & Harrison Scott for an AMAZING showcase and performance you guys are definitely #BRASHApproved!


About Landeros New York:
New York based designer Andre Landeros Michel founded LANDEROS NEW YORK in 2013. Each collection emerges from the music of his youth. Andre allows the blend of goth, punk, new wave, and industrial music genres inspire and initiate his design process. LANDEROS NEW YORK is dark, romantic, and gender neutral at its core. By intricately weaving his love of art and new wave music into the fabric and design of each collection, Andre Landeros Michel crafts the distinct LANDEROS NEW YORK aesthetic. Exaggerated silhouettes and details derive inspiration from new wave album artwork and 80’s nightlife subcultures. The pieces are designed and produced in New York City, a key value for the brand. The label is currently stocked at H. Lorenzo and Eizesteitn London. For more information, visit

Facebook: Landeros New York
Twitter: @LanderosMichel
Instagram: LanderosNewYork

Harrison Scott: (singer/songwriter/producer)
Facebook: Harrison Scott Sound
Twitter: @HarrisonScottNY
Instagram: HarrisonScottSound

Photos Below:


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