Word Of Mouth Marketing with Vinyl Campaign

Artists are always looking for innovative ways to release and promote their next project. We all remember where we were when Beyonce’ dropped her album digitally out of nowhere, U2 teamed with Apple and provided iPhone users with their project for free. The Savannah, GA native band, Word of Mouth, was no different in that search and has created a new way of music release campaigns. With what is called a “Reverse Kickstarter” Campaign, this band is creating the demand for their latest release through Vinyl.

Vinyl records have been deemed as vintage collectibles since the creation of CD’s and MP3 music downloads. Word of Mouth is bringing it back by pressing 1000 copies of a 3 disc, 180 gram 45 rpm record which will be given away for FREE. These records will be distributed at various record stores nationwide on Record Store Day (April 16, 2016).

After all 1000 records are distributed, each album owner will release the record online in a donation based campaign. When the promotional campaign is complete, the album owners will receive 1/1000 of the total amount of revenue generated by donations and downloads!


We must applaud this band for creating a new way to get the people involved in the marketing/promotion strategy for their new album. This type of fan engagement definitely connects the band with the listeners throughout the process. Everyone is familiar with the usual GoFundMe campaigns from artists however this campaign gets everyone on board in a more hands-on and creative way.

Congrats to this FEARLESS and BRASH! band for making noise through Vinyl! Learn more about this campaign.

About Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth is an 8-piece musical ensemble comprised of diverse artists from across the United States. Meeting in and based out of Savannah, GA, the group has existed since 2009 and is currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album, “Word of Mouth Speaks”.

Word of Mouth’s music is just as eclectic as the members themselves, with influence holding it’s musical roots in rock and hip-hop, while delving all the way to the intricacies of classical piano and poetic decisiveness of spoken word. This band will keep you guessing with its dramatic time changes and unique genre-blending, all the while keeping your head bobbin’ and feet groovin’.

Fans can expect to leave a live performance feeling inspired and ready to cultivate their own talents, which is the overall message Word of Mouth is trying to share; be yourself, be inspired and spread the word.

Email: wordofmouthjam@gmail.com
Facebook: Word Of Mouth Speaks
Twitter: @womspeaks
Instagram: WordOfMouthSpeaks


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