Music App Connecting Listeners To Their Favorites

Playmoss presents a service that allows labels, artists, and promoters to create subscription clubs for their followers

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Playmoss is now an integral community designed so that a professional can offer digital music, physical products such as records or merchandise and even experiences, such as concerts or tickets for member only events.

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Subscribers will be the first to listen to unreleased material by their favorite producer in digital format, get a pack of the latest vinyl releases from their favorite label or take advantage of special offers to get into sessions by their favorite DJ when they’re in town, all of this is now possible with a simple click of the mouse. Playmoss, the web tool and app that allows you to make playlists with links to YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and Bandcamp, has just launched a subscription account PRO(S), designed so that artists, labels, clubs and festivals can have a site on which to offer their followers physical and digital material, released or unreleased; as well as unique experiences and merchandise.

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For a periodic fee – which can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually-, users will be able to subscribe directly to the label, artist or promoter of their choice and on the one hand receive special material and on the other give their direct support to the label, artist, club or festival.

With this platform, Playmoss is solving the lack of revenue from streaming for artists and labels‏.

Click here to learn more and subscribe:

About Playmoss
Playmoss is the tool that allows users to create music and video playlists with tracks from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.

In Playmoss users can also follow the musical evolution of other users or weave a network of musical influences between them.

This platform can be used to save, organize and, most importantly, recall all the musical references listened to on the web throughout the day by the subscriber and share them with their contacts and friends.

Facebook: Playmoss
Twittter: @Playmoss
Instagram: Playmoss


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