Celebrating the Year of the Wolf!

“Wolves In Suits” by Sherrich Monsher, Book Launch Event

Author of WIS, Sherrich Monsher, poses on the red carpet

(Atlanta, GA) – This past weekend, BRASH! Magazine was in attendance at the official book launch and after party for the new dating survival guide “Wolves In Suits” by Sherrich Monsher. The event was held at the Le Gomier Restaurant Event Hall in Lawrenceville GA, where guests walked the red carpet with photos taken by Ryche Rych Media and enjoyed music provided by 106 Live Radio.

The author, Sherrich Monsher, sat down with guests for an exclusive one-on-one discussion about the book and the ideas behind creating this new body of work to help women in the dating world.  No topics were off limits when Sherrich Monsher opened up about hIMG_3530ow she maneuvered through the dating process as well as gave the audience a chance to give their experience about past/current relationships and the single life. This discussion provided a lot of information on what women deal with in dating and hopefully provided great tools for guests to take away and to share with others.

Guests were also able to purchase books and get them signed by the author right before enjoying music and dancing for the remainder of the evening.

Editor-In-Chief of BRASH! Magazine E. Alexcina Brown

We would like to congratulate Sherrich Monsher on a night of success, in addition to the success of her book.

To purchase a copy of “Wolves In Suits” click here.

For more event photos visit the hash tag #YearOfTheWolf16 on Instagram.

About Wolves In Suits
Wolves In Suits What your mamma didn’t tell you…and your friends don’t know is a new dating survival guide designed to empower women to stop old dating behaviors that end in disappointment and help you detect a good man vs. a Wolf in a Suit.

To learn more, visit www.WolvesInSuitsBook.com.


About Sherrich Monsher
A third generation Caribbean American, and Atlanta, GA native, Sherrich Monsher is a published author, doctoral student, and founder of ShareTheRich, LLC.

Sherrich founded ShareTheRich, a Professional Development and Empowerment Coaching business, in 2015. This platform assists women in finding their professional joy; whether it be career advancement or entrepreneurship. Sherrich received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Masters in Public Administration from Savannah State University. Wolves In Suits is Sherrich Monsher’s first published literary work. See the latest from her at www.SherrichMonsher.com.

Sherrich Monsher

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