Music & Ministering: REVOLT NOW TOUR

A Mission to Save Our Youth

RevoltNow TourPastor Delmar Larwence aka Mr. Del has kicked off the Revolt Now Tour ministering to our youth through outreach to fight against the constant violence that plagues this new generation. Mr. Del is doing his part in creating an initiative that will educate, empower, and to inspire young attendees to strive for a more positive life within the negative surroundings.

The enemy is destroying our youth and we must intervene. As Ministers of the Gospel, we can no longer sit back and remain ignorant of the plight of our youth. We have a responsibility as citizens of the Kingdom to seek, save, and protect the young lost souls that God has entrusted to us.

God has given Pastor Delmar Larwence aka Mr. Del a vision to help deliver our generation through an outreach initiative called REVOLT NOW. This tour, movement and extraordinary ministry event is an unprecedented youth experience that utilizes hip hop music, dance, and the Word of God to engage, empower and encourage young people to receive salvation.

In 2015, Mr. Del’s Memphis based City of Refuge Church conducted a trial run of this conference on a smaller scale in 12 rural cities across the state of Tennessee. During that crusade his team of soldiers won over 250 young souls to the Kingdom!!!
This year, God has called Mr. Del, his Holy South soldiers and a dynamic line-up of guest artists and ministers to take REVOLT NOW to the nation!

June 16: Atlanta, GA – Monte Sinai Church
June 17: Atlanta, GA – Christ Discipleship
June 18: Atlanta, GA – Community Bible Chapel
June 30: Orlando, FL – 3 In 1 Café
July 1: Fort Myers, FL –  Mark Christian Ministries
July 2: Miami, FL – In Spirit & Truth EC
July 7: Columbia, SC – The Epic Center
July 8: Fayetteville, NC First Baptist Church
July 9: Greensboro, NC –  The Power Play Center
July 15: Colorado Springs, CO – Calvary Worship Center
July 16: Omaha, NE –  The Bridge Church of Omaha
July 21: Mobile, AL – Right Way Christian Center
July 22: Chattanooga, TN –  Pneuma Christian Center
Sept 10: Dallas, TX – Word of Truth Family Church


The REVOLT NOW tour will also introduce an album HOLY SOUTH: REVOLT which features Boy Wonda, Eddie Jaymes Prodagal, Rashawn Merrick, M.A.D.E. 4 Christ, Mardye McDole, C. Elevation, Emory Anderson, M.A.J.O.R.S., J Crum, Sean Oliviera, B.I.C., Hi- Lite Real and Dem J boyz. The HOLY SOUTH: REVOLT album drops nationwide via Dedicated Music Group and Universal Distirbution July 4.


Book The REVOLT NOW Tour:
901-309-3090 or


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