Musician Making a Difference

BRASH! Inspirations Artist: Morgan Mallory

Get Inspired by Alternative Pop Singer/Songwriter, and Musician Morgan Mallory. He took his inspiration from music education to build a platform to continue this curriculum of performing arts to prevent its extinction.

MM2When asked about his thoughts on the importance of keeping the arts in public school, Mallory had this to say:

“Artistic development activates more of the brain than any other activity – and yet, it seems we place that simple fact at the bottom of the education priority list. Why? American society doesn’t seem to see artists as being as equally important as being a doctor, lawyer, or corporate professional because artists aren’t as easily monetized the same way. However, without working artists, who’s going to make your company’s logo or website? Who’s going to write that song that lifts you up to get through the work day? Who’s going to master the artistic skills necessary to advance the entertainment culture that we rely on to give our lives vigor and flavor? Without art, the world is a cold, dull place where everyone hates their job and no one has any fun. That is a steep cliff, and we are veering dangerously close to falling off it.”


Learn more about how he is putting this passion for saving music education into action in the July/August issue of BRASH! Magazine releasing July 20th!
Twitter: @1MorganMallory
Instagram: Morgan.Mallory.Music

Photo Credit: Josh Del
Hair: Darren Reyes


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