July/August Issue of BRASH! Magazine Is Here!


As promised, the July/August issue of BRASH! Magazine is bringing you MORE. More Indie Artist features, more indie music you should know and more NOISE for the Independent scene.

Click here to read the full issue.








Cover Artist – SoBE LASH
SoBE LASH is an Urban Punk Music artist giving you a different sound with intricate lyrics to keep you guessing, wanting, and captivated. Her exclusive in this issue gives details on her musical style and how she sees the music industry.

Learn more about SoBE LASH here.



Artist Spotlight Features
These indie artists from different genres are making their own noise in indie music. Their drive for success helps them overcome obstacles in the industry while consistently staying true to their music and brand.

Learn about these artists & music in the new issue of BRASH!


Class is in session: Style 101 
Scottish Fashion Blogger Jill Gourlay, I Wear My Wages Fashion Blog, is showing us how to style! In this issue she provides her expertise on how to dress up apparel found in many closets.

Get her style tips in the new issue of BRASH! Magazine.


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