Wolves In Suits Takes on New York

Event recap for “Wolves In Suits” New York book launch


“Wolves In Suits” Author Sherrich Monsher

Author, Sherrich Monsher, held an intimate book launch session to introduce the new dating guide “Wolves In Suits: What your mamma didn’t tell you…and your friends don’t know” to the New York market.


Hosted by Caribbean Classroom TV (Johncrow Alexander), the event took place this past Sunday (July 24, 2016) in Brooklyn, NY. The book launch started off with a mix and mingle session followed by an introduction of Author, Eartha Watts-Hicks, giving a reading of her book “Love Changes”.


Author Eartha Watts-Hicks

Sherrich Monsher then took the floor opening with her background and how the idea of writing “Wolves In Suits” came about. An intense and informative Q&A/discussion session followed with full participation from attendees giving their take on relationships/dating and how everyday life habits can have negative and/or positive effects on the outcome.

Sherrich Monsher closed with giving a sample reading from “Wolves In Suits” showing what to expect from this dating survival guide for women. The consensus of the event was to ensure that women are empowered to make the best decisions when looking to date and getting into relationships.

This event was a great success in raising awareness on this topic as well as this great read! Congrats to Sherrich Monsher for her growing success in her book “Wolves In Suits”.

Stay tuned for more events and appearances by Sherrich Monsher.


To purchase your copy of “Wolves In Suits”, visit www.WolvesInSuitsBook.com.

About Wolves In Suits
Wolves In Suits What your mamma didn’t tell you…and your friends don’t know is a new dating survival guide designed to empower women to stop old dating behaviors that end in disappointment and help you detect a good man vs. a Wolf in a Suit. To learn more, visit www.WolvesInSuitsBook.com.

About Sherrich MonsherWIS_headshot
A third generation Caribbean American, and Atlanta, GA native, Sherrich Monsher is a published author, doctoral student, and founder of ShareTheRich, LLC. See the latest from her at www.SherrichMonsher.com.

Sherrich Monsher

About Caribbean Classroom TV
Based in New York, Caribbean Classroom TV is Community Empowerment Television – bringing communities, technology and information together for the purpose of enlightenment while being entertained. Learn more at Facebook.com/CaribbeanClassroom.tv.

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