31 Videos in 31 Days?!?!? Who does that?

New artist, WaltzzUK releases “Practice Makes Perfect 31 | 31”

How are you marketing yourself with the resources and tools you have? If you don’t have a big budget or a team to help get your music to the masses, you have to take matters into you own hands and work with what you have to create, create, create! This artist did just that by creating a concept to raise awareness for his brand which also challenged him in a way that will only make him better in the long run. His story is the epitome of the phrase “Work with what you have.”


WaltzzUK, a young talented lyricist, has released a new project that is innovative in showing off his skills in music. Practice Makes Perfect 31|31, releasing 31 self-produced videos in 31 days throughout the month of August at 8pm every evening.

“What originally began as 1 mixtape, turned into 2 mixtape’s, turned into 3 mixtape’s, which then became #PMP 31|31.”

In the beginning, WaltzzUK created an idea for a project which was to be slated for the FacebookLive platform only. There, he would write, record, and shoot a video while documenting the entire process online. However, due to limitations, he wasn’t able to follow through with this plan. The idea of Practice Makes Perfect 31 | 31 derived from showing a friend his catalogue of 30 songs. He wanted to release three Eps over the course of next year while working on new music. Once again, WaltzzUK switched up the plan to release the music now to reflect his current state within his musical journey. That’s where #PMP 31| 31 began to form.

Roaming the streets of London with his equipment consisting of a camera, tripo, computer, three blazers and a North Face jacket, Waltzz got busy in executing this project. Taking video footage from his open mic night performances as well as visiting various landmarks in London, St. Pauls, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye, WaltzzUK utilized his surroundings to tie in with his music.

WaltzzUK credits Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and J Cole as his influencers. Along with being a lyricist, he utilizes his tools/resources available to create a project that out of this world to market his brand as well as make his mark in the music industry.

To keep up with WaltzzUK’s project “Practice Makes Perfect 31 | 31, click here: http://bit.do/PmP3131

PMP 31 Calendar

Practice Makes Perfect 31 | 31 Calendar

WaltzzUK (Liam Alexander Stewart) is an unsigned, indie rapper from Ipswich, Suffolk, England. At the age of 19, this artist is not wasting time to go after his dream in pursuing music by taking risks in marketing himself in ways to make him stand out above the rest. This is done while working on evolving in music taking us along for the journey.
Website – Waltzzuk.co.uk
Facebook – facebook.com/IamWaltzzUK
Twitter – @WaltzzUK
Instagram – @WaltzzUK
Youtube – Youtube.com/Waltzz
Email – info@waltzzuk.co.uk


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