Time To Get Pretty Reckless

Urban Punk Music Artist SoBE LASH releases “The Pretty Reckless” EP

The Pretty Reckless EP Cover Art

We’ve been anxiously waiting for The Pretty Reckless EP from our Jul/Aug cover artist SoBE LASH. Now the time is here to tune into her anticipated project. This EP describes a unique style of living life, exploring, and not apologizing for it. Along with being fearless in the pursuit of adventure while accepting what the journey brings, aware that at some point it all falls down. All can relate to The Pretty Reckless EP as it is a soundtrack for giving into the free spirit side of living.

For the last 3 years, Houston, TX’s unsung heroine of fun, innovative, pop punk-infused hip-hop has been quietly dropping gems and making a name for herself in and around the Bayou City.  Coming off of notable appearances at SXSW (Bun B’s Official Bday Bash), Houston’s Erotic Ball and other high octane events in the region, SoBE LASH seemed intent on bottling some of that energy and mixing it with her signature boisterous style for a new compilation of songs that are as loopy and energetic as her personality.

Setting the tone of the EP, the titled track “Pretty Reckless” infused grunge rock instrumentals with edgy lyrics encouraging fellow “Reckless” listeners to join in on the ride that SoBE LASH is piloting. “Big Red Cup”  shows the urban side of the urban punk music genre giving you a high strung pre-game/turn up track getting us ready for the party. Nirvana sampling, “LiT”, with spooky bells and trap-ish baseline, is a play by play of the party, feeling great in the moment. This track is also great dance tune that will surely make want you to stay on the ride of being Pretty Reckless“American Summer” is a slow track (which stayed on repeat for me for a while) but stays true to the genre. Causing you to zone out and vibe to the vocals while being taken into a nostalgia. Giving an account of life on the other side of the endless, booze – filled summer nights.  “Feelings & Flights”, her first single release from the EP, is a feel-good, confident track. Stating what you want and being head strong. SoBE LASH closes out with this up-beat tune containing various electronic cords just when you thought the party was over.Brash Final 4.jpg

The Pretty Reckless EP is the epitome of Urban Punk Music. SoBE LASH’s vocal and songwriting skills are displayed throughout the EP keeping up with the slow tempo melodies and the fast track beats. If you didn’t know of this music style before, you’ll know it after this release and fall in love with it. This style combines the flow of hip hop and pop with the sounds of rock/punk to get you through a good night or through a night that lasts into the morning hours. Even if you’re not in party mode, Pretty Reckless, from beginning to end, is an anytime “press play” album. Whether you’re riding in your car, sitting at home creating, or preparing for a “Fun Ride”, SoBE LASH definitely delivered  with this project.

Click here to listen to The Pretty Reckless EP 

Take our word and listen now, we guarantee that this introduction or re-introduction to Urban Punk Music will have you anxiously waiting for live performances and more music from SoBE LASH!

You can learn more about SoBE LASH in the Jul/Aug issue of BRASH! Magazine AVAILABLE NOW!


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