Global Music Conference Helping Indie Artists Launch Their Music Successfully

Music Launch Summit: Educating and inspiring established and rising artists from top industry professionals

Summit Speakers 1000x1000 v1 (1)Music Launch Hub, founded by Steve Palfreyman, announced that they will be presenting the Music Launch Summit. This digital conference will be held from September 13-30, 2016 featuring more than 40 speakers within the music industry. Some of the notable speakers participating in the summit includes: Benji Rogers (PledgeMusic), Jennie Sager (Twitter), Rodney Holder (MusicBusiness Facts), Andrew Apanov (WeSpin), Budi Voogt (Heroic Recordings), and Ian Clifford (Make It In Music).

The purpose of the Music Launch Summit is to equip artists with the knowledge of successfully releasing music. Music pro’s participating in the summit will provide new insight on how they built their careers in the music industry and how attendees will be able to do the same. Attendees will learn on the topics of gaining indie radio play, building press around an album release, songwriting tips, building relationships, and more.

The event is FREE to view all speakers and attendees will be able to upgrade to a VIP pass which will include a lifetime access to the masterclasses, 4-week implementation program after the summit, including more surprises.


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Music Launch Summit Dates: September 13-30, 2016

Official Website

For additional Information:
Angela Mastrogiacomo

MLH Logo Invert 3About Music Launch Hub
The  biggest  insights  into  any  industry  come  from the lessons you  learn, from  those who  have been there  before  you,  along  with collaborations  that  help  you  make  your  next  big  move .The trouble  is,  conferences  are costly and the  right answers aren’t always there. Finding a way to meet people often feels like you have to leap to the top of a mountain. The Music Launch Summit solves this with one philosophy:  we can do a lot more together, from where we are today. We’re bringing  40+ of  the best music  industry  educators  and active professionals  to you,  wherever  you  are in  the world. Unlike anything that’s ever been done before, the Music Launch Summit serves to educate & inspire.  We’re asking the questions that you can’t just Google and providing  a digital  community where  feedback  & collaboration  are the  driving  force  to growing  a career. For more information, visit
Twitter: @MusicLaunchHub
Instagram: MusicLaunchHub

SP ProfileAbout Steve Palfreyman (Music Launch Hub Founder)
A music industry obsessor, Steve Palfreyman can be found in the depths of bars watching the next crackerjack act (regularly performing himself) or knee deep executing tomorrow’s leadership, marketing & human performance strategies. So it’s no wonder that Steve is also the mastermind behind the Music Launch Summit, the largest online conference in the music industry.


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