Music Video Monday – Feel So Right by K’Coneil

Music Video Monday
“Feel So Right” (Ft. DJ Calli B)

“Feel So Right” is from K’Coneil’s EP “Love/Lust”. Rooted in the foundations of Reggae
from his birth country Jamaica, K’Coneil expertly taps into the grit and grime of his homeland of New York City to tell stories of “Love and Lust.” With romantic
punctuation’s of bedroom trysts, K’Coneil seeps in a raw accented Caribbean
dialect anchored in simple RnB melodies to visually provide glimpses of his
current state of mind. With contributing production from Billboard charting,
Seanizzle and New York Radio DJ Cali B, “Love/Lust’s” songs, subject matters,
and inspirations, is truly a masterpiece of genre fluidity.
Twitter: @thekconeil
Instagram: thekconeil


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