Singing Outside of the Box – Rachel Kerr

UK Singer Rachel Kerr releases “Unboxed” mix-tape

rkerr_unboxedThe original form of the mix-tape contained self-made music over cover songs/beats. Today, mix-tapes are released with artists’ original beats and music. However, UK songstress, Rachel Kerr brought the original arrangement to create her latest project, Unboxed.

Rachel Kerr is breaking the mold in her genre utilizing her own style within this historical format widely used within Hip-Hop music. Known for her powerhouse vocal ability and explosive stage presence, the award-winning singer uses this 16 track FREE mixtape download to showcase the diversity of her world class songwriting ability. With each track penned by the international songstress the ‘Unboxed’ mixtape showcases everything from Trapsoul reminiscent of Torey Lanez and Bryson Tiller to the nostalgic RnB sounds of Aaliyah to the vintage vibes of soul legends such Sam Cooke and Amy Winehouse.

“Everyone experiences being limited in one way or another, but at this stage in my life I’ve seen so many achievements that I’m convinced nothing is impossible. Now, I’m all about breaking barriers, smashing ceilings and soaring outside of human imposed boxes.” – Rachel Kerr

More than simple covers Rachel takes each popular instrumental to share her inspirational message and heart-felt lyrics through her soulful and at times Caribbean inspired vocals.

This artist is utilizing her ability mixing with new and innovative ways for listeners to engage in her talents along with making history being the first singer releasing a project of this nature! For more information on Rachel Kerr visit:

Download Unboxed Today!




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