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StylePointe – New York Fashion Week

photo-sep-12-2-27-41-pmThe art of dance shows expression through movement. When you mix this expression with fashion & style you get StylePointe. The Dixon Place presented this creative blend for New York Fashion Week enthusiasts showing that you can be stylish in dance. BRASH! Magazine was fortunate enough to get a preview of StylePointe before their big show on Sept 15, 2016, to see what this year’s presentation had in store. Fashion designers dressed the dancers to show off their latest designs as they adorned the runway and stage with intricate moves.


Emcee Clinton Edward & Producer Sangeeta Yesley

The event was produced by Sangeeta Yesley of while Clinton Edward served as the emcee. StylePointe was our first experience in seeing a fashion presentation showcased in this artistic sense and needless to say, the styles, choreography, and dancers did not disappoint. Everyone involved did a phenomenal job as the showcase provided exclusive looks at each garment while enjoying a ballet show on the catwalk. Two great experiences in one!

BRASH! Magazine would like to thank the Dixon Place & StylePointe for having us at this special preview. Here are a few looks from the event and more will come in the Sept/Oct issue of BRASH! Magazine Available Now!

G. Wilson Active Wear by Laura Laurent & Gwen Potter

Dance Company: Benjamin Briones Ballet
Choreographer: Benjamin Briones


Rime by Sylwia Kotowska
Dance Company: Hanna Q Dance Company
Choreographer: Johanna LjungQvist-Brinson



White and the Maiden by Jamileh Nadelmann
Dance Company: Buggé Ballet
Choreographer: Nicole Buggé

Casting Call by Tamika Rose/Girls in Ballet School
Dance Company: ThomasOrtiz Dance
Choreographer: Ted Thomas

Royal Ecru by Ruchika Kabra
Dance Company: Azul Dance Theatre
Choreographer: Yuki Hasegawa

Cells Consuming by James Chapman
Dance Company: Mari Meade Dance Collection (MMDC)
Choreographer: Mari Meade



Read the Sept/Oct Issue of BRASH! Magazine

About StylePointe
A collaboration of ‘Fashion and Dance’.  StylePointe is a unique project exploring the relationship between Fashion and Dance.

StylePointe premiered in 2015 with six wonderful collections chosen from designers of diverse backgrounds.  These designer apparels were then introduced to 3 choreographers from unique backgrounds; who created 6 different dance vignettes to showcase the fashion collections.

StylePointe brings together two of New York’s great institutions: Fashion and Dance. For more information, visit
Twitter: @StylePointe
IG: StylePointeNYC


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