Journal Entry from the Determined – Kid Akeem

Sept/Oct BRASH! Inspirations Artist Kid Akeem


Kid Akeem, Hip Hop artist, turned his obstacles into the motivation to pursue music while motivating others. What most people would allow to drag them down and give up, Kid Akeem looked ahead to brighter days channeling it into his music. We have an exclusive interview with Kid Akeem in the Sept/Oct issue of BRASH! where he discussed his life growing up and his life changing diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Along with being a music artist, Kid Akeem writes poetry. Check out his story on how he started:

In college, I joined a pageant for the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated Mr. Romeo pageant and realizing I did not have any real talents I wrote a poem. Titled “What is love”.

“What is love, what is the meaning of love, why do we catch these feelings, you want to let someone know but, unsure of the revealing, revealing of the fact that you have actually fallen, and can’t get up, you want to love, but it’s love really enough? how am I supposed to approach you, with the fear of being rejected, no one wants to feel neglected, and it’s hard to accept it, to walk in the direct path, that’s not being directed, see everyone loves, it’s a part of birth,….. but with the feeling that leaves behind… is it really worth is worth??
What is love?”

Needless to say I did not win but that sparked some deep love for writing and I continued on to write poems.

You’ll find out more about why he’s our BRASH! Inspirations artist in the Sept/Oct issue of BRASH!. His story is moving, inspiring, and will surely give another meaning in “fighting the good fight”.

His single “Aquafina Sunny D” is available now!
Twitter: @IAmKidAkeem
IG: KidAkeem

Read the Sept/Oct Issue of BRASH! Magazine


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