2-Day Music Celebration by WorldArts

The VJC REUNION 2016, OCT 6&8 in Atlanta, GA

vjcreunionDuring this year’s A3C Festival, WorldArts (Global music platform) will be presenting the VJC Reunion. This two-day music event will be held Oct. 6 & Oct. 8, 2016 in Atlanta, GA. This event will include live performances on the VJC stage at 529 along with a mixer and cookout for all attendees to enjoy. In addition, the VJC will hold a music producer workshop at the Atlanta DJ Scratch Academy by award-winning producer Needlz.

“The VJC has evolved from a hip-hop crew into a brotherhood of respected men that I’m proud to be part of,” says SUM of The VJC, founder/front man of The Milky Way and Chief Creative Strategist at Precious Metals, and event producer. “When I took a step back to look at what we’ve accomplished, I figured it was time to celebrate and breathe new life into what we’ve built. It made sense to call on WorldArts for this, as they’re set to do great things for the artist community.”

Day 1: Oct. 6, 2016 The VJC Stage @ 529
Live Performances from:
The Difference Machine | The Milky Way | Yamin Semali | Pheonix

P.U.D.G.E. | DJ 2-Tone Jones | DJ X-Ro | Mista Rare Groove | DJ X-Man | DJ Ausar

Day 2: October 8, 2016 @ the Scratch DJ Academy
– The VJC Mixer & Cookout
– Production Workshop: Needlz
Food & Refreshments provided by The VJC
Limited guestlist, RSVP: TheVJC2016@gmail.com

To learn more about the VJC Reunion 2016, visit www.VJC2016.com.

About WorldArts
WorldArts is a global music platform helping artists connect with fans, brands, and industry professionals which has taken artists to SXSW, the ASCAP Expo, and the La Musa Hall of Fame Awards Gala. For more information, visit www.worldarts.com.


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