Unbothered by the Shade – Clayt

VA Hip Hop Artist Releases New Track “Different Shadez” ft. Treez Lowkey & Honesty

Virginia native Clayt, returns with a new single “Different Shadez” feat. Treez Lowkey and singer Honesty. This new track speaks on the subject matter of not allowing the “shady” individuals stop you while you’re on your grind. This tune has a smooth hip hop feel adding in the melodic tones of singer Honesty.  Clayt continues to show why he’s a talented hip hop lyricist in the entertainment industry.

I try to make every song an experience and Different Shadez is just that. A timeless banger. Treez killed it. Honesty killed it. The subject came from a real place so it’s just all around a good vibe. – Clayt

Check out this new track on SoundCloud and purchase today on iTunes.


About Clayt
Clayt, born Clayton Duncan, is a Virginia native hailing from Newport News. Growing up downtown, an area usually associated with crime and poverty, he first discovered his sense of ambition from playing basketball. Although Clayt can recall singing Michael Jackson in his living room, and being a class clown as long as he can remember, a career in entertainment never crossed his mind. What was once a hobby, eventually grew into a passion, an obsession even. As Clayt has continued to evolve into the artist and the person he is today, he’s found that his mission has become to inspire people to be confident in themselves, and focus on the highs rather than the lows. His overall goal is to encourage others to embrace their own passions, and establish an art culture in Virginia that he felt was missing in his youth. Clayt is not only rapper, but an inspirational figure and pioneer for his home state.

Twitter: @ClaytWorld
IG: ClaytVA
SoundCloud: cl8thegr8

You can learn more about Clayt and his music in the Mar/Apr ’16 issue of BRASH! Magazine


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