Deep House….Discrete

In My Room LP by Discrete


A room of one’s own is a curious place. Despite the inhabitant’s designs surrounding architecture, ornamentation and housekeeping — or lack thereof — an inexorable and curious sense of the dweller always floats throughout. The same is true for Discrete’s LP ‘In My Room’, his second album and follow up to his 2016 Juno Award nominated ‘The Midas Touch’. Discrete’s sophomoric offering returns to familiar sonic ground; a lush and sensual pastiche is born from an ambivalence to genre.

Multimedia artist Kyle Yip also known as Discrete, is a Toronto based DJ, producer and label owner of Savvy Records. He is known not only for his Juno Award Nominated full-length album (The Midas Touch), but also his remixes for international artists such as Brabe, Society of Silence and many more.

In My Room Available Now on iTunes!
Twitter: @_Discrete
Instagram: kylepyip


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