BRASH! Editor in Chief Alexcina Brown

Get 2 Know BRASH! Magazine’s Editor In Chief, Alexcina Brown

IMG_2713Creator and Editor in Chief of BRASH! Magazine, Alexcina Brown, is a woman of many hats. Writing/creating a media outlet for indie artists/professionals is one of them. This love was the start of why BRASH! was formed. Getting bored with producing content for other companies, she decided to branch off and start a platform to help and inform music lovers about the undiscovered/indie entertainers within the music industry. Being a fashion/lifestyle print model, the BRASHION! element was added to highlight those within the fashion industry.

Each issue of BRASH! Magazine contains a note from Alexcina giving insight on the lessons learned and continuing to learn on her journey of building and maintaining this brand. Her overall goal is to inspire others to go for their dreams no matter the outcome!

Visit her official website:

dsc_9071Alexcina talks BRASH! Magazine in Glambitious I AM Magazine.

Read full interview.

Connect with Alexcina!
Twitter: @TweetAlexcina
Instagram: AlexcinaB


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