BRASHION! – Electric Holiday 2016

Apparel line, Electric Family, releases their holiday line spreading the message of peace and union for this upcoming holiday season

Launched on Nov 6, 2016, Electric Family apparel is utilizing their new line “Electric Family Holiday 2016” line to give the message to spreading peace and unity during this year’s holiday season. This line includes high quality items and on-trend garments with new graphics and designs to compliment the message of positivity.  At affordable prices, Electric Family released this line just in time for the holiday season; perfect for giving loved ones one of a kind gifts for the joyous day of the year!

img_0526With messaging like “Make Peace, Not War”, “Distributing Positivity”, “There is No Path to Peace, Peace is the Path”, this line is doing its part in spreading good vibes when we need it the most. Reminding consumers that you can stand out without being negative and still be stylish while exuding peace. View the full holiday apparel line.




Electric Family also has a well known artist bracelet lines in where they collaborated with various DJs and producers in the music industry. A portion of the proceeds from the bracelet sales are donated to a charity of that artist’s choice.

This brand is a great start in your search for what to buy your family, friends, co-workers, and others for the holidays. Join them in spreading their message of positive vibes along with supporting great causes through the artist bracelet lines.


About Electric Family
Electric Family is not simply another clothing brand, but a grassroots movement born out of the electronic music community, created to increase the connectedness and compassion amongst the global population. They challenge their fans daily to get active in local communities and treat others with respect at all times. Wearing their products symbolizes a commitment to making a positive impact in the world – not just during the holidays, but year round.

Visit for more information.
Twitter: @ElectricFamily
Instagram: ElectricFamily


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