Pep Talk: Time to Step it Up!

Getting you “web right” for the media and fans


Have you ever come across a dope artist or a dope song and you can’t find any online connections. No email, no website, no social media? Don’t be that artist. It’s time to step it up and make sure you’re on your A game when it comes to your online presence. These days, it’s very simple to get setup online where others can follow you and know what you have coming up next as well as where media outlets can contact you if needed.

Who are you? Where are you? What do you do? Taking time to draft out a short bio for yourself is very helpful when others want to know more about you. Skipping out on this simple step can be a setback for media outlets researching information on you. This is where due diligence is found along with the music you share. Once you have this, make sure it’s updated periodically with new information as it arrives: Winning an award, new milestone, relocating etc.

Social Media
Ensure that your social media account are PUBLIC. Speaking from a publication’s perspective, it can be frustrating waiting on your follower’s request to be approved before checking out an artist. In most cases, if that time is too long, you will probably be forgotten.

We love selfies and random stuff, but make sure you’re music and appearances are highlighted as well. Let us know about your upcoming performances, industry events, music etc. A day in the sun is great to see but do not saturate your music social media account with lifestyle. Take us to the music!

Contact information
Have your contact information readily available. Or ensure that your PR rep/Management team’s information is listed. Adding a contact form to your current website is also a great tool. Always let people know how they can find you. Don’t miss out on bookings, media exposure, or branding opportunities by leaving out this important information.

We understand that some budget will not permit you to have a website at this time. However setting up a Facebook page for your music is a great way to start. Completely fill out the basic information: About, Contact, & Important links.

If you are able to obtain a website, ensure that ALL necessary information is updated as your music grows. Press, reaching a great increase of music video views or song plays, new music, performances, charity work, and appearances.

Professional Photos
Professional photos of yourself showing your style and personality is a great investment. In some cases, you can team up with talented beginner photographers looking to build their portfolio and do TFP (Time for Print/Trade for Print) shoots. However, if you go this route, make sure that the results are of quality and you get your photos within a timely manner.

Professional photos helps you to authenticate your brand as well as aid in the increase of your press pick ups when pitching to media outlets.

Stay competitive with the rest. You’re a professional artist now so its time that you have professional appearance. Gone are the days that you “fake it til you make it”. You have arrived. Quality talent deserves quality branding. STEP IT UP!





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