Indie Rotation | Playlist Favs

BRASH! wants you to be in the know about all of the great music coming from today’s indie talents. Check out a few playlist favs and add them to your own!

monster“Monster” by Leah Culver
Following the success of her “Where Are U Now” by JACK U, “Taken Back” by Twofold remixes, and original release “Slow Motion” – Leah Culver is back with another original track “Monster”. Monster is about a deep and sometimes buried side of people that maybe they themselves don’t fully understand. Maybe they feel they have little to no control over their actions or their body. Not having control can define and create a villainous character in itself, but are there really monsters? Listen Now!

“Ashtray” by Clayt & Honesty (produced by Andre Joyner)

A new smooth tune with real life lyrics and motivation on how to deal. Learn to put your past away with this infusion of hip hop and melodic R&B. Listen Now!



bones“Bones” by Mickey Kojak
Bones is an uncompromising sleazy, low-slung club odyssey, styled with the tight rhythms and eclectic synths that have come to define the Kojak sound. Listen Now!


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