Don’t Wake Me | “Daydreaming” by Dan Marsh

The words I write with the music of my heart are the keys to open change in this world. Live, love, learn.” – Dan Marsh

Singer/Songwriter/Producer Dan Marsh is a New York native penning music for the soul. Off the heels of his previous project “Thank You”, Marsh has decided to give his fans more! Re-releasing his indie-track “Daydreaming”, a different style of love song mixing in the elements of lust. Speaking in another form of admiration in dealing with loving someone more than they love you. This song was originally released in August of 2015, however Marsh felt this song needed a new rotation in showing an eclectic form of a love song. “Daydreaming” takes on the battle of keeping your self worth while dealing with the outcomes of the mistakes we make. Marsh has stories to tell and he tells them through his lyrics and melodies for listeners to tune into to live in the music and learn.


“Daydreaming” is available now on Spotify!
Twitter: @DanTheManMarsh
Instagram: TheDanMarsh



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