Starting 2017 with a BANGWAVE

BangWave Radio Returns


Earlier this year, BangWave Radio discontinued broadcasting its live stream. However its relaunching the channel for the new year! Starting New Year’s Eve at noon (CST), BangWave Radio will be making their grand return. This station is ready to get back on the airwaves and connect with listeners. Congrats on the BRASH! return and we wish you much success in the new year.

You can listen live on these Apps

Listen to BangWave Radio Podcasts on the following services:

About BangWave Radio
BangWave Radio plays Alternative, Pop, Rock & EDM. Hot Current tracks, Album cuts & Classics are all together on one station. This station broadcasts intelligent content for real music lovers around the clock. BangWave also features podcasts. These are mainly specialty shows for listeners to enjoy. For more information, visit
Twitter: @BangWave
Instagram: BangWaveRadio


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