The Bride Of New Funk Hip Opera Gearing Up For A Solo Debut

Singer, TRAEDONYA! Releases Solo Debut Ep


Prohibition Entertainment in Association with TRAEDONYA!(aka The Bride Of Of New Funk Hipopera) is excited to announce the pre-order for her solo debut Ep 4 Portraits. This is her first official release in over 5 1/2 years. The 4 Portraits is a multidimensional project tieing together seamlessly music, sports and art. The songs metaphorically represent the 4 iconic sports figures  as paintings. The portraits are Derek Jeter(baseball), Kareem Abdul Jabbar (basketball), Pele(soccer) and Jim Brown(american football).

Official release date for 4 Portraits EP is 2/17/17!

Pre-Order Your Copy of 4 Portraits EP

About Traedonya
Raised in New York City on Hip Hop, Funk and Rock music, TRAEDONYA! was a music baby. Born into a life of music via her mother, who had a great passion for all good music. An international party girl, who raves about the love of her passport, TRAEDONYA! is a lover of good music and good people. Her journey has taken her through many travels starting out at a very young age.
Twitter: @Traedonya
Instagram: Traedonya



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