BRASH! Magazine | Jan/Feb ’17 Cover Reveal

Jan/Feb ’17 Issue of BRASH! Magazine

We are kicking off the New Year with a new music group comprised of three super talents. Their sound is one to hear and remember as they’ve created their own but for the love of music, decided to come together to make history! Ladies & Gentlemen…The Last Living! Read their exclusive interview with BRASH! on January 20th. In this issue you’ll also find new releases for the new year, fashion editorials, and artist spotlight features highlighting today’s hottest indie talents.


Cover Photo Credit: Clint Perkins

THE LAST LIVING (Stephanie Nicole | Craig Perkins | Ryan Perkins)

The Last Living was conceived two and a half years ago as a wild idea between two brothers (Ryan and Craig) to do a project that was equal parts Tame Impala and Fleet Foxes. As ideas were bounced and styles explored, a direction was agreed upon and they began exploring the possibilities of this aesthetic. Both felt strongly that a female voice and perspective would enhance this sound, so they approached Stephanie Nicole about joining the band. She obliged.

Early in the process they abandoned the initial idea to focus on the 2 specific bands. However, there are still elements of those bands, and others, that are oozing through this music. Each member brings a unique musical background and they all melt together to create a progressive yet classic sound. The album is rooted by an acoustic guitar, flourished with harmonies, and sprinkled with bits of psychedelia. “The ultimate goal was to simply explore a dynamic range of soundscapes, tell compelling stories, and record some beautiful music.” The full album will be released in 2017.



Album Art: Ryan Perkins


Check out their single “Evergreen” on SoundCloud!


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