Indie Speaks! | Radio Host Bridget Price

Radio Host, Bridget Price, is making waves in indie radio. Being the owner and host of Speak Music Radio, she is using her talents in public speaking, music, and entrepreneurship to help artists in Gospel and Contemporary music to gain exposure through radio. Read more about this VOICE of indie music in the Jan/Feb ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine Available Now!



About Speak Music Radio
Speak Music Radio is an online radio station that services underground artist, independent artist, established main stream artist music. The music genre will consist of Christian contemporary, Christian Rap, Gospel, Gospel contemporary. For more information, visit



One thought on “Indie Speaks! | Radio Host Bridget Price

  1. Very proud of all of you. It is a privilege and an honor to see people who i see as family doing all they can to share the awesomeness of God that will impact and change lives forever. I love you all!!!


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