The Road to Motivation | Flow187

Jan/Feb ’17 BRASH! Inspirations Artist: Flow 187

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-2-35-31-pmLos Angeles based Rapper and Motivational Speaker Robert Roots aka Flow187 is speaking real life in his music as well as to inspire the youth. At a young age, he started in his journey in music. Throughout his obstacles he was motivated to use those life experiences and turned it into inspiring others. With his book, “Falling Isn’t Failing: The 5 Keys To Overcoming a Fall & Achieve Success For Youth & Young Adults!”, Flow187 penned a blue print for those going through rough times and how to strive for success even when the outlook doesn’t seem positive at the moment.

Read more about Flow187’s Motivational Speaking and Music in the Jan/Feb issue of BRASH! Magazine Available Now!
Twitter: @Flow187Official
Instagram: Flow187Official

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