Dancing with Delta The Leo | Music News

Hip Hop artist, Delta The Leo, recently released her latest single “Let It Be”

delta-let-it-beThis new track infuses Hip Hop with West African vibes, giving listeners something new to hit the dance floor as well as showing versatility in her music. Delta The Leo teamed up with producer, Benjamin Umba (Heartless Marksmen) to create “Let It Be”. She credits artits Patoran King and Tiwa Savage for inspiring this style of music.

“…The style of music West Africans make always awakens a different side to how I record” – Delta The Leo.

Her previous release “Zaga” gained the attention of music lovers as well as TV shows Ayeye and Rhythm City. Delta The Leo continues to push the envelope and break out of the mold of what the music industry has prescribed. She is making up her on rules, setting herself apart and making music that is truly her to resonate with a world market. Delta The Leo is bound to be a name on everyone’s lips sooner rather than later.

“Let It Be” is available now on iTunes!

Connect with Delta The Leo:
Facebook:  Delta Leo Choshi
Twitter: @DeltaTheLeo
Instagram: @delta_the_leo


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