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Three different genres…three styles of GOOD INDIE MUSIC!
Press Play

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BRASH! is continuing the mission of bringing you good music from our talented independent artists. No matter the genre, these artists work hard constantly sharing their gifts in making quality music to love!

“Taking me Back” by Josh X (RnB/Soul)
“Taking Me Back” was written by Josh X and produced by DJ Static.  “This song was inspired by a personal relationship that I lost due to my own selfishness and when I discovered that it was my fault and she started talking to someone else, I felt some way about the situation, so of course, I had to put my pride aside, get my pleading on, and basically start telling her that she is taking me back,” mentions Josh. Listen Now.

Instagram: JoshXantus

“No Rivals” by Alyce Metallo (Pop/Inspirational)
Alyce encourages “No Rivals” as an offer of praise in the midst of the dark moments.  In the face of her father’s disappearance and subsequent death, Metallo turned to songwriting as the catalyst of her healing, writing the song “No Rivals” in response to his death and her testimony to God’s sovereignty. Listen Now.
Also available in a Spanish Version!
Twitter: @AlyceMetallo
Instagram: AlyceMetallo

allof nothing.jpg“One Time” by King Kye (Hip Hop)
After recently releasing his first iTunes hit “Focus”, Kye has returned to the platform, this time with backup as he introduces a new single from his most recent Project “Alot Of Nothing” (Available on Spinrilla for Download Today) called “One Time”. Whats not to like about this one ? With a dance with your lady in the club vibe, while also being surrounded by a smoke and chill atmosphere of sounds on this latest project, Kye shows again what he can do by hitting major key notes on One Time multiple times for fun it seems like ! A new question is starting to arise with this young guy; “What cant he do ?” Listen to “One Time” by King Kye below and download his newest project “Alot Of Nothing” on Spinrilla today!
Listen to One Time on SoundCloud!

Twitter: @_KingKye__
Instagram: _KingKye__
King Kye – Spinrilla


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