Classic Music Therapy | Urban Vinyl

New headphones company launches vintage music accessories

Urban Vinyl is a new headphones company providing high-quality audio products with unique styles. Their new Classic Vintage Wood head phones have launched to give music lover consumers a different way of showing off how they tune the world out and tune into the music.


This company also understands and executes the importance of giving back through their recent affiliation. Urban Vinyl has partnered with The Children’s Music Fund (CMF). CMF delivers music therapy to children and young adults suffering from terminal illnesses. This organization is doing its part in helping others heal through the gift of music. Music therapy has been shown to aid in the recovery process as well as relieve stress from taking the individual’s mind off of their illness and focusing on being entertained. Urban Vinyl will make a contribution from their product sales to CMF to help continue in their mission of providing healing through song.

About Urban Vinyl
Urban Vinyl provides a vintage style for a new sound. Bringing back times when things were much more simple. Urban Vinyl gives you high-quality audio products at a valuable price. Visit Urban Vinyl at WWW.URBANVINYL.ORGto learn more about this brand and their classic products. View their online store and shop today.

To learn more about The Children’s Music Fund, visit

Twitter: @UVinyl
IG: UrbanVinyl


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