Music Squad Goals | TAGMG

Baltimore’s Brotherhood of Entertainment

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, TAGMG (Talent Aspires Greatness Music Group) is a talented group of individuals coming together to provide a great foundation for each other as well to create nothing but GREAT MUSIC for the world. This is more of an independent label or brand of solo artist that share a brotherhood and have been creatively making music together for at least 15 years. Together they’ve created their own sub-genre of rap/hip-hop in which they call the “Squadsound”. Think of the great groups or labels such as Wu-Tang Clan, Def Squad, SlaughterHouse, TDE, Rocafella, No Limit etc. A few less than a dozen well round and versatile artist that can come together and create the best quality sounds for the world.

TAGMG just completed their very first studio album entitled “The Worrrying Comes Later”.. The album is collective of twelve original records all of different sounds. These artist, courtesy of TAGMG came together after recording with each other and growing as brothers over a decade and made a moment. The Worrying Comes Later album was produced by Street Scott. Two of the records were produced co-produced by Chuckie of TAGMG. The Worrying Comes Later album stars all TAGMG artist such as Jase Kevion, King Dro, Street Scott, Drag, Pharaoh Ze, Ase, WESTSIDEDRIZZLE, Master P.O.E., Bink Baghdad, L. Monday, Xtian Tyler, MATEYO and Marq Nash.

Within the last few months TAGMG had released four singles which all have totally different sounds and all are loved by many. These singles were ONLY released via youtube. Therefore, you had to see the visual before owning the record. The first single Coming Through is available to stream or download on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and more.
Twitter: @tagmg_squad

March 11th “The Worrying Comes Later” 2nd listening Party in Baltimore at Vita Blu The Hair Art Studio | 7pm-10:30pm | 424 W. Franklin St., Baltimore, MD | 21+


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