The Knowledge Drop | Give It Up by Knowledge Nick

Memphis emcee Knowledge Nick presents the music video for “Give It Up”

Tennessee rap artist Knowledge Nick recently dropped the official music video for his new single “Give It Up”.  Produced by Memphis beatsmith DJ Hush, the track will appear on Nick’s forthcoming mixtape Slaughter Season, a collaboration with Hush featuring beats from Empee and MaxPtah. Give It Up music video was directed by Prophecy of Liberated Filmz.

Nick has opened up for artists like Ghostface KIllah, Raekwon and Gift of Gab. Nick calls his new song as “just a lyrical onslaught – point blank period. I needed the production to be hard yet have that classic hip hop feel with a new jack swing. The inspiration came from how some of these ‘viral’ emcees put on facades and are culture vultures. In my opinion hip hop is not about how many blogs you are on, how many YouTube views you have, etc. It’s literally a way of life. I definitely felt I made my point across with the joint while speaking straight from the heart.”

Slaughter Season drops late summer on Artist Tree Entertainment! Check out the video below:

Twitter: @kdotnick
Twitter: @artisttreeent
Instagram: knowledgenick


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